Mind your Fears

Embody courage & learn to trust your Self

Osiris Montenegro geeft van 27 t/m 29 maart 2020 de driedaagse workshop Mind your Fears. Tijdens deze workshop maak je via je lichaam contact met je angsten en ontwikkel je zelfliefde, zelfvertrouwen en eigenwaarde. De gehele workshop wordt gehouden in het Engels.

This class explores how, by focusing attention on the future, based on a painful past, the ego hallucinates negative expectations that generate fear. This class emphasizes body awareness to interrupt the habit of being afraid by embracing your inner strength as courage that grows into Self-confidence.


A fearful mindset focuses obsessive attention on the future. Often this results in procrastination, avoidance of conflict and confrontations, and failing to take effective action, and making important decisions informed by intuition and common sense in the present moment.

People who suffer due to unconscious fears were conditioned to survive stressful circumstances by blocking their anger and distorting it into hatred. This leaves them afraid of being angry and identified with their wounds.

Initially fear arises when an infant and very young children perceive that they don’t have what they need. Children need to bond in order to feel safe. Inadequate bonding with the mother or father imprints the feeling of not-safe. Love connects and bonds, it nurtures and heals the trauma of rejection, abandonment and abuse.

Minding your fears expresses an attitude of Self-love and Self-worth.


  • To know the difference between psychological fear and a fear reaction to an actual threat.
  • To successfully interrupt fearful thoughts.
  • To recognize how anxiety can mask itself as excitement and inappropriate laughter.
  • To activate courage and practice speaking honestly, to make clear boundaries, to make requests, and decline unwanted offers.
  • To have access to anger and learn to transform it into inner strength.
  • To have a felt sense of the experience of self-confidence, inner peace, self-worth and self-love.


Osiris Montenegro, originally from Costa Rica, is a Psychosynthesis counselor, Acupuncturist, Deep Tissue Body worker and Reflexologist. Osiris combines his knowledge of wholistic medicine with his passion for Self-Awareness to provide a safe, dynamic, and fun space for personal transformation and learning. Osiris was trained in USA and China. He lives in Oslo, Norway and offers private sessions in person and online. He teaches personal development courses and retreats.

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vrijdag 27 maart, zaterdag 28 maart en zondag 29 maart 2020


Osiris Montenegro

450 euro (vrij van btw), inclusief lunches, koffie en thee.

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